Our kitchen windows were the “pane” of my existence for a while . . . get it . . . pane instead of bane.
Nothing like a super corny joke to start off my morning!

I had a really hard time deciding what to do with the kitchen windows. We have a pretty pane detail at the top that I didn’t want to cover with blinds. I also wanted to add a ‘soft’ element. There’s only hard edges and stainless steel in the kitchen .
I considered roman blinds but they would block the detail at the top & because our kitchen is east facing blocking out light isn’t a concern.
So, taking all of that into consideration we decided that little cafe curtains might work. I wasn’t fully convinced but if I had to try an option first I should try the cheapest and cafe curtains are CHEAP!

Kitchen curtains

The rod is a tension mount (no screws or other hardware needed). I used little alligator clips to hold up the curtains (it took two packages from Home Outfitters @ $6.99 ea.). I love using alligator clips, all you have to do is sew a hem around a piece of fabric . . . you could even buy pre-made napkins and just clip them up!
Including the tension rods the total cost was $34.

Since this was just a test run, I used some old fabric I had lying around from our Library Curtain Project last year (I still love the little brown polka dots).

kitchen curtains3

I’m kind of LOVING the cafe curtain look!

Kitchen curtains2

What do you think?? I’m still deciding on leaving the brown polka dot fabric or changing it up with a more modern fabric??? Or maybe something more BOLD???

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