I Love cooking, but sometimes the answer to what’s for dinner is take-out!
We have a small collection of take out menu’s, mostly things like sushi, pizza and a restaurant with really good Curry!
Thanks to Martha (or more specifically her new organization line at Staples) I have a way better way to organize them.

Take out folder 4

I bought one of the small plastic pockets! We hung it in the pantry cupboard!

Take out folder1 Take out folder2

It’s awesome! So awesome that we ordered pizza for dinner last night! 😉
I’m headed back to Staples tomorrow to pick up another one . . . for the laundry room.
I also picked up some Kraft Paper Labels, the spice rack is going to get a serious spruce up!

Anyone else picked up anything from Martha’s New Line???

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  1. Steph

    Great idea! I was just shuffling those around last night. What will you use it for in laundry room!

  2. Jule

    It’s perfect – simple and so helpful. I daren’t hope they will sell these at Staples in Europe … :(

  3. Sar

    Ruh roh – I have a problem with office supplies! They beg to be placed in my cart and brought home 😉

    Please post pics of what you do with the kraft labels and spices – I’m intrigued since that’s a “hot spot” in my kitchen. Thanks!

  4. Natasha

    I did pick up some Martha stuff!!! I got the chalkboard labels to label my kids’ toy bins and I got the white hanging file holder (to hold all of the papers my kids bring home from school or the mail — instead of the counter ‘holding’ it!!!) and i got the little round tags with the metal to label little baking gifts for me friends! (or possibly name tags on kid birthday treat bags — we do have a birthday coming up, so I am considering that)!
    Can’t wait to see what you do in yoyur laundry room and with your spices!!
    I want a Martha Steward binder next — just waiting on that though1!!!

  5. Courtney

    Oh my goodness. Lightbulb moment for me. I have been trying to figure our a good solution for these, I was going to put them all in a binder, right now I just have them stacked on the side of the plates in our cabinet. You may have just made my life a little bit easier, this seems perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Simply K

    I so need to go check out her line! We keep ours in a binder, just slip them into plastic sleeves. I keep the coupons for the restaurants in a sleeve right behind the menu so we don’t forget to use them. Can’t wait to see what you are using the pocket for in the laundry room. Our laundry is on my list of to dos!

  7. Ems

    Love Martha’s line, I had a hard time keeping any control around it. And this is a great solution for take out menus! I love these simple quick tips! Great work my friend {and organizing genius}! Love ya! <3

  8. Cool sister

    Obsessed with her new line. I’m glad they have it for you in Canada :) I have a few of the hanging pockets (in that sea blue) that I keep in our kitchen for in/out mail.

  9. Loo

    What a great idea! My husband used adhesive to apply a custom-cut piece of galvanized metal inside two of my cabinet doors. I post things up with cute little magnets. It’s very convenient.


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