The most organized cabinet in my house

This weekend we celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary!!! I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad sign that it feels like we haven’t been married for that long but I’ll take it as a good sign! :)

I don’t want to get all mushy on you but this Husband of mine . . . I tell ya, I have NO idea what I’ve done to deserve such an amazing husband, but whatever it was I’m so glad I did it!

To give you an Idea of what living with Lee is like (cross my heart NO exaggeration here):
~If he see’s dishes in the sink, he’ll do them! (I didn’t know this wasn’t common but my girlfriends tell me that this is VERY uncommon!!)
~If it’s raining he’ll stop in front of the store to let me out . . . every time, without fail . . . and we live in the Greater Vancouver Area it’s pretty much raining here ALL THE TIME!
~He is more than willing to attempt any project I can imagine up, with out a word of complaint not even a roll of the eyes, his only request is that we do projects as we can afford them!
~I have never once thought about my car . . . he takes care  of the cars. If my car makes a funny noise or if I think the tire pressure might be low I just mention it and it’s taken care of.
~ I have never shoveled snow.
~ I have never been to a mechanic.
~I haven’t had to carry anything heavy in at least 8 years!
~sometimes, if I ask really nicely . . . he’ll even come to Ikea with me!! Seriously the man’s a saint! ;)

He is the killer of moths (I hate moths), the dog poo picker upper, and the fixer of EVERYTHING from pipes to broken hearts. He is LOVE.

Blogs can sometimes paint an everything is warm a fuzzy picture where nothing goes wrong . . . and I don’t want to do that, but honestly living with Lee is so Easy it’s crazy! We do argue . . . mostly about Sleep and driving. LEE SNORES, a lot! and the driving thing . . . show me one couple who hasn’t argued while driving and I’ll eat my own hair!
Oh, and one time we got in a big fight at Home Depot over baseboards . . .  but show me a couple who’s never fought in Home Depot and I’ll each my own LEG! ;)

So how do you award such an amazing husband? ? With FOOD!
Lee had one request for our anniversary and it was Beef Bourguignon! There is a direct route to Lee’s heart, you either take the cute little dog route (Max has that one covered) or you go through his stomach!!

This years gift definitely proves we’ve been married for a while now because there is nothing else in the entire world that is a more fitting gift for me then . . . .


The 6th Wedding Anniversary is the IRON anniversary . . . try and find a romantic IRON anniversary gift. Lee took a little spin on it and bought me these beautiful Metal (not iron but close) pot organizers from LOWES!
I am IN LOVE!!!

Here’s how the cabinet looked before:
Not too messy, but not very easy to access, we had pots inside pots, which was scratching some of our pots up pretty bad (I wonder how many more times I can say pots in one sentence . . . pots, pots, pots).

and AFTER:

ACTION SHOT!!! *notice how they extend all the way out . . . oooooooo . . . . ahhhhhhh! :)

Here’s to 6 wonderful years of marriage, and to the knowledge that the best is yet to come!!
Love you Hunny!

One more look at the cabinet ?  ? ? . . .
Here it is all closed up:

then . . . .BAM!

Hope you love it as much as I do!!!

p.s. The Yellow Dutch Oven is from Homesense!!

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