I have no more excuses for dirty laundry!! Thanks to Lee I now have the cutest darn Laundry room on the block!! :)
This laundry room has been a year in the making! I’m glad it took that long I think I needed to LIVE in the space for a while figure out how it would function best (for example, a year ago I wouldn’t have thought to make a space for hanging wet laundry). Also the water supply hoses were causing me a serious issue . . . how best to cover them . . . attractively!
And the budget . . . don’t get me started, $200 for an entire laundry room . . . Phew!Here’s where we started:

Here’s where we ended up:

I’m IN LOVE with my new laundry room! The counter is perfect for folding laundry on, and in perfect view of the T.V. (a very important part of laundry folding). The bar is perfect height for hanging Lee’s shirts on (you can see his shirts sit just above the counter).
My Favorite part would have to be the posts that hold the counter up . . . a $10 find from a salvage store (Surrey New and Used) earlier this summer, they were originally Dark Brown, Lee sanded them then spray painted them in a matte white! He used spray paint “because it would give a more even finish.”

Because wet laundry was going to be hanging near the wall we wanted to protect it from moisture so Bead Board was perfect. We bought a small piece from Home Depot already painted and sealed for $10!! Protected wall and cute accent . . . win win!
To save money we kept the same cabinet that was there before and just bought new cabinet doors for it. We picked out Adel Doors from Ikea, they should have been $28.00 each but we found them in the AS-IS section for . . . $10.00  Wooo to the Hooo!

With the laundry room being so small we had to squeak out every bit of possible storage so instead of just running some crown around the top we added an actual top made out of MDF, so I could store some baskets and maybe a little extra “Costco Storage” * see definition below.

“Costco Storage”- What is needed the moment after a big costco shopping trip when you have filled your cabinets to the brim and your counter is still full of large awkwardly packaged food, then you either leave the food on the counter or desperately try to hide it in the pot drawer!
So instead of using crown molding we used Chair Rail! It was thicker and sturdier than Crown would have been!
For the bar we used a shower rod in Chrome. We chose a shower rod because it would hold a lot of weight  (a wet XXL sweat shirt weighs a lot). And we chose chrome because it matched the chrome in the washing machines :).
For the light, I found this beauty at Homesense for . . . $38! I liked how it was a mini version of our dining room light! And because we have 9 foot ceilings in the laundry room we needed something to hang down a fill the space!!
And last for the door handles I wanted something SUPER minimal, in fact for a while I was thinking that I did even want to put handles on the doors, but I found these at Ikea on sale for $3.99 and they were chrome which matched the chrome from the bar, and the chrome in the washing machine . . . that’s win win win!
So there it is!!! The New and Improved Laundry Facility!! :)
And just in case you’re feeling the urge to invest in a couple of Blue Laundry Machines, ours are made by LG and are in the super fashionable Bahama Blue! :)
Budget Breakdown:
Counter Top (Ikea’s Pragel)              $80
Doors (Ikea’s Adel) $10 ea.               $20
Cabinet                                              Free
Paint for Trim and Legs                    Free leftover from previous project
6 feet of Chair Rail @  $1.47 a foot  $ 9
Posts for counter to sit on  $10 ea.    $20
1 Sheet MDF                                     $30
Door Handles                                     $ 4
Shower Rod                                       $10
Shower Rod Hardware                      $ 4
Bead Board                                        $10
Hangers (Ikea)                                   $ 7
Light  (Homesense)                           $38
                   TOTAL:                       $232   aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh so close!!!!

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  1. Kimberly Blackwelder

    Hi! Just beautiful and quite similar to the space I am working with in my home. Could you please tell me how you were able to hide the washer hoses? Many thanks in advance!

  2. Jenny

    Ashli this laundry room looks as fresh as your clean laundry must be! I love all that you did in here and on a budget to boot! You’d never guess by looking, that’s for sure. And I love the contrast between the washer/dryer and the crisp, fresh finishes. Well done!

  3. Gretchen

    Lovely! I like how it is so bright and fresh. I wouldn’t mind doing laundry there! Thanks for showing us what can be done with a small space and a small budget :)

  4. sam

    I love it!

    When we picked our dark blue Electrolux washer & dryer the sales people were so excited that someone actually wanted a colour other than white that they tried to sell us the floor models. They only offered $100 off which was not nearly enough for our liking (I see what kids do to the floor models!) I REALLY wanted the turquoise colour that Electrolux used to have but they discontinued them right before we bought. People thought we were crazy when we told them we bought non-white appliances… but now when they see them they love them.

  5. Amy J

    LOVE it!! I’ve been dying to redo our laundry room, but I want to wait until we can squeeze a new front loading washer into the budget. Your new space is definitely going into my inspiration file for the future!

  6. terrie

    STUNNING!! You did a fantastic job. My laundry room is on THE LIST for this year!! You did a great job keeping it in budge too! It will make laundry more enjoyable!! Thanks for sharing all the details too!

  7. Pine Tree Home

    Great job. The washer and dryer color is so fun and cheery too. You know what I spied that I love (Because I have some to hang!) are the short curtains. I am loving shorter ones now and like how yours look.

  8. Delicia

    I really love your laundry room. I live in a 30yr+ home and the basement has never been remodeled therefore our laundry room is a cement block. My hubby put a wall up two years ago to separate it from his office but that’s about it. I hope you don’t mind but I’d love to pin a pic of your laundry room on my Pinterest page for a laundry room wish list. I will definitely link it back to your blog.

  9. Kritstin

    It looks WONDERFUL! I’m in the midst of putting some finishing touches on our “laundry facility”, but yours puts it to shame! We really just got rid of the ugly in ours…but didn’t make it magazine-worthy! Love your ideas…maybe we’ll have the opportunity to incorporate them in phase two of our renovations :-) Thanks for sharing, and Happy Monday!

  10. Morgan

    I’m loving this! I’m in the midst of a laundry room re-do myself and it can be kind of discouraging sometimes so it’s nice to see someone’s completed room for the encouragement to keep on trucking!

  11. Keltie

    This is so fresh and clean, I love it! I redid my laundry room last year and it definitely makes a diference. So many people don’t bother and it ends up being a room that you just always make sure the door is closed to :) Extra yay for the salvage!

  12. Jones

    Ashli it turned out fabulous!!! Can I borrow Lee to do mine??? I live in Michigan so not too far (haha). I have a very small laundry space that is also a pass through from the garage to the kitchen and have front loaders as well. The way you solved your problem area has sparked some ideas for mine as well,I just don’t have the handy husband to implement them. ;P
    Question about the part that covers your plumbing, did Lee build a whole new wall from floor to ceiling or just from the bottom of the cabinet?

  13. Maria

    I too am wondering how they managed to cover up the water supply. I am all set to redo my laundry room and that is the one thing I can’t seem to find a solution for. Help please!! Thanks again!

  14. Chrissy

    Ooooh it’s so pretty! I love how the blue washer/dryer fit in so well. Great color choices!

  15. Mona

    The new laundry room is so pretty. You guys did a great job. It is cheery and I love the stripes on the walls. Thanks for sharing your pics. :)

  16. Bog standard wierdo

    Just found your blog. LOVE IT. You are so cute and such an inspiration to other young wives (I am a grandma! No way, but it is true).

    You guys did an awesome job with your laundry room. I am swooning….

  17. Kern

    So cute! But what about the baskets? Where did you get those and how much were they?

  18. Mel

    This turned out so awesome! I have searching and searching for turned wood legs for my laundry counter for a reasonable price and haven’t been able to find any yet!

  19. Jessica

    So tidy! Love the laundry bar (I pinned something similar a while ago) and the legs! Great job :) Ps. I have the same LG w/d set (same color too)! Maybe a different model, your buttons are diffrent than mine.

  20. Shanade

    It looks amazing! My laundry room is on my list of to-do’s this month, so thanks for some great inspiration.

  21. Miss flat feet

    Ahhh you are giving me so much inspiration! I am dealing with a similar space (and similar blue machines, which I LOVELOVELOVE), but was absolutely stuck on what to do with it to maximize our storage. Thanks for lighting a fire under my feet to get started!!!

  22. Big fat bertha

    Wow Ashli, it’s beautiful! Your husband’s handiwork looks so professional. You two work well together and come up with the most inspiring rooms. Your laundry room looks just great. Thanks for the ideas.
    Good job to both, Ashli and Lee!

  23. Nelly

    Beautifully done, Ashli. This is a room to be proud of. Thanks for sharing all the details. And way to stick to a budget. Impressive.

  24. Bill

    Beautiful! I can only dream of such a lovely place to do laundry–mine is in a yucky basement. I’m not convinced I’ll ever enjoy laundry, but some day hopefully it’ll be pretty in there! Great job on the accessories, storage, folding/ironing space and keeping it so close to your reasonable budget.

  25. sara

    So beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Especially your source list. That is so kind of you, and so helpful for us who are trying to do renovations on a budget as well. I LOVE your blog because you show EXACTLY how beautiful rooms ARE attainable! Thank you, thank you!

  26. Ashli

    THANK YOU for all the laundry room love!!! I’m so glad you guys liked it!! It’s wonderful comments like these that keep me addicted to blogging :)

    Anne- we use a double hook to hold up the ironing board, because if we used one it would slide around and look lopsided! If anyone else is wondering what hook we used I’ll post a picture of it on our Facebook page tonight :)

    Anna- We picked up the Chrome Shower rod and hanging hardware from Home Depot, You could also check out their closet organizer section, they had the same stuff it was just a touch more expensive than the shower rod (like a dollar or two). Just in case you can’t find a shower rod you like :)

    Thank you again!!
    Lots of Love

  27. Phil from eastenders

    You have both done very well….you always amaze me creating such beautiful spaces with so little money. Thanks for sharing, it looks fantastic. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  28. tracey

    I had no idea you did all of that work! It looks amazing and photographs beautifully! I’m lovin the legs on the counter. It’s really refreshing to see a “classic” designed laundry room. I find doing the laundry quite relaxing but unfortunately mine is downstairs so I have to struggle bringing up the load once it’s all done. My laundry room has potential, I just need Jay to be handy.

  29. cary

    Love love love your laundry room! I’m jealous, we have a laundry “closet” and I can hardly do anything to it because of that (and renting, which is a huge factor of course)!

  30. Kiri

    Love, love, love this! Everything is perfect! So funny we get so excited over a laundry room! But this looks awesome. Our laundry room also houses the ugly water heater, so I’ve made it as cute as I can, but haven’t put too much effort into it. This inspires me to try a little harder! 😉

  31. Judy

    Just lovely!! I would love to figure out how to put a table/counter over my Duet set.. but mine appear to be alot deeper than the depth of the counter you bought from Ikea.. I have to have mine out from the wall about 8″ for the hoses. So it looks like mine is about 35″.. rather than the 26″ that most counters are.. do you have any ideas for me how to work something?

  32. Kelsey

    It looks wonderful! I was wondering if you could film a casual house tour showing the jist of the layout and things? You cant really get the flow of peoples houses when you just see pictures.

  33. Lisa

    WOW! Great makeover for a tiny, tiny budget. Congratulations! It looks wonderful and much more expensive than that, for sure.

  34. Ashli

    Our Machines ended up 32″ from the wall, because of the dryer vent, and we also needed 7″ to clear the hoses.
    Lee built a false back to cover the hoses, and built it out 7″ so that we could use a 25″ deep counter from Ikea.
    The back was framed out using 2 x 2 wood and starts just under the cabinets and ends at the counter!
    It sounds like your room is just like ours, I really think the built out back would work really well for you too!!
    Hope that helps a bit
    Lots of Love

  35. -Twist-

    Your laundry room is almost identical to mine and I really hope you don’t mind but I’m so in love I want to incorporate some of your idea’s into my laundry room (as it needs a re-do pretty badly!) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

  36. Mandi

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! I have the same Bahama Blue washer and dryer! We are remodeling our home and redoing the laundry room is on that list so it’s exciting to see how you’ve decorated around the washer and dryer. Sometimes the blue color stumped me even though I love it. Superb job. I just love your blog!

  37. Ashli

    About the baskets.
    The baskets on top of the cabinet are from the Real Canadian Superstore here in Canada.
    The laundry basket is from Canadian Tire. I think it was around $20.

    Hope that helps,

  38. Sue

    Stunning! Our laundry room is due for renovation, and this is great inspiration for that project. Thanks so much for linking up to the 1st Project of the Year Party at WhisperWood Cottage!

  39. Jen

    My heart is skipping all sorts of happy beats for this pretty space you created. It’s just stunning. Everything you touch turns to gold. I especially love that you added wainscoting where you hang the shirts. We have been wanting to do the counter for awhile, any tips or tricks to ensure it turns out as divine as yours?


  40. Kerry

    Hi I love, love how it all came out. I also have the same dilemna with hiding the hoses is there anyway to post a close up of how the false wall meets the counter? Like you we need 28″ and Ikea’s is 25″ but I am not getting the wall thing (definitely not as creative as you!!!). Thanks!

  41. michelle

    Hi Ashli, I was perusing through Amy’s party and found this great makeover! I too entered my laundry room and we both have about the same size space, but you have a window!! :) Love what you guys did, it looks fantastic!

  42. Jojo

    Love the table over the washer & dryer, and WoW what an awesome great job with the hag-space & cabinets. Can`t wait to get started on ours, thanks

    Cheers. Jo

  43. Angie

    OMGosh…I love this! I’ve been wanting to put cabinets above my washer & dryer, but the main electrical box is on the wall to the left. What a great idea of only installing cabinets on one side then using the shower rod would sooo work for me – give me a place to hang my clothes AND allow access to the box!

  44. Jen

    Love the laundry room. We have the same washer and dryer (in classic white) and I’ve been looking to install a countertop. Did you cut the Pragel to size? Ikea doesn’t seem to stock one in the exact width we need, they’re either too short or way too long.

    By the way, found your blog via Centsationalgirl.com and will probably stay up way past my bedtime catching up! Love your house.

  45. Ashli

    We did cut the prgael to size, It was really very easy. Just pop some painters tape along your cut line so that the laminate doesn’t chip and cut away. Lee used a circular saw to do it. He said it cut really well!!
    I hope that helps!
    Lots of Love

  46. Kimmy

    LOVE your laundry room!!!! Can you tell me where you found your LG BLUE washer and dryer? I love them so much!!

  47. Ashli

    Thanks Kimmy,
    They are called “Bahama Blue” and the were from The Brick!
    Thanks again!
    Lots of Love


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