I have no more excuses for dirty laundry!! Thanks to Lee I now have the cutest darn Laundry room on the block!! :)
This laundry room has been a year in the making! I’m glad it took that long I think I needed to LIVE in the space for a while figure out how it would function best (for example, a year ago I wouldn’t have thought to make a space for hanging wet laundry). Also the water supply hoses were causing me a serious issue . . . how best to cover them . . . attractively!
And the budget . . . don’t get me started, $200 for an entire laundry room . . . Phew!Here’s where we started:

Here’s where we ended up:

I’m IN LOVE with my new laundry room! The counter is perfect for folding laundry on, and in perfect view of the T.V. (a very important part of laundry folding). The bar is perfect height for hanging Lee’s shirts on (you can see his shirts sit just above the counter).
My Favorite part would have to be the posts that hold the counter up . . . a $10 find from a salvage store (Surrey New and Used) earlier this summer, they were originally Dark Brown, Lee sanded them then spray painted them in a matte white! He used spray paint “because it would give a more even finish.”

Because wet laundry was going to be hanging near the wall we wanted to protect it from moisture so Bead Board was perfect. We bought a small piece from Home Depot already painted and sealed for $10!! Protected wall and cute accent . . . win win!
To save money we kept the same cabinet that was there before and just bought new cabinet doors for it. We picked out Adel Doors from Ikea, they should have been $28.00 each but we found them in the AS-IS section for . . . $10.00  Wooo to the Hooo!

With the laundry room being so small we had to squeak out every bit of possible storage so instead of just running some crown around the top we added an actual top made out of MDF, so I could store some baskets and maybe a little extra “Costco Storage” * see definition below.

“Costco Storage”- What is needed the moment after a big costco shopping trip when you have filled your cabinets to the brim and your counter is still full of large awkwardly packaged food, then you either leave the food on the counter or desperately try to hide it in the pot drawer!
So instead of using crown molding we used Chair Rail! It was thicker and sturdier than Crown would have been!
For the bar we used a shower rod in Chrome. We chose a shower rod because it would hold a lot of weight  (a wet XXL sweat shirt weighs a lot). And we chose chrome because it matched the chrome in the washing machines :).
For the light, I found this beauty at Homesense for . . . $38! I liked how it was a mini version of our dining room light! And because we have 9 foot ceilings in the laundry room we needed something to hang down a fill the space!!
And last for the door handles I wanted something SUPER minimal, in fact for a while I was thinking that I did even want to put handles on the doors, but I found these at Ikea on sale for $3.99 and they were chrome which matched the chrome from the bar, and the chrome in the washing machine . . . that’s win win win!
So there it is!!! The New and Improved Laundry Facility!! :)
And just in case you’re feeling the urge to invest in a couple of Blue Laundry Machines, ours are made by LG and are in the super fashionable Bahama Blue! :)
Budget Breakdown:
Counter Top (Ikea’s Pragel)              $80
Doors (Ikea’s Adel) $10 ea.               $20
Cabinet                                              Free
Paint for Trim and Legs                    Free leftover from previous project
6 feet of Chair Rail @  $1.47 a foot  $ 9
Posts for counter to sit on  $10 ea.    $20
1 Sheet MDF                                     $30
Door Handles                                     $ 4
Shower Rod                                       $10
Shower Rod Hardware                      $ 4
Bead Board                                        $10
Hangers (Ikea)                                   $ 7
Light  (Homesense)                           $38
                   TOTAL:                       $232   aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh so close!!!!

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