We’ve finially finished with our changes to the powder room, just in time for Christmas. I wanted to make sure this room had some wow to it. I figure almost everyone who visits our house will visit this room at some point so I wanted it to be pretty! I thought about a fabulous bold wallpaper, but Lee said . . . “absolutely not!” I have no idea what it is about men and hating wallpaper? But they all do!!
So we went with Martha Stewart’s Rainwater.

Powder Room 1

We had a big blank wall right when you walk in so we needed some art work, but because it’s a small room I didn’t want to overwhelm it with a HUGE picture, I thought small 4 x 6 photos with HUGE white mats was the way to go.

powder room 6

I Love little pictures with HUGE mats (if your like us and don’t have the budget for huge custom mats, use white poster board and cut it to size using an exacto knife, we matted all three for $3, compared to $33 each for custom mats).

Photos are little postcards from Ikea ($5).

We added a new light, not a typical choice for a bathroom but we used a track light. I wanted something simple and modern,

Powder room light
and I loved the little shades!

Some special touches, the towel ring:
Powder room 5

A towel bar (I like a great big towel in the powder room for guests to wipe their hands on, there’s nothing worse then trying to dry your hands on a small damp hand towel at a house party).

powder room 3

And last, a pretty soap dispenser (from Target), I like to keep my soap pump on a little porcelain tray, so that any spilt soap gets caught in the tray and doesn’t sit on our granite counters waiting to be absorbed.

Powder room soap

There’s our new little powder room.

Before Powder room


powder room 2

And because I’ve been trying to add some more perspective shots, here’s a picture of how it looks from the hallway!

Powder Room 7

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