This post was almost titled “I Freak’in Made that!”
Originally I was hoping to do a How To: Make a slipcover for your ottoman, But I still have no Idea how I pulled this off. It’s my first sewing project, outside of making pillows and Some how it turned out!

We use to have a large ikea ektorp ottoman between the chairs, but it took up way too much valuable floor space. So we took it away, but we found once there was nothing there no one sat in those chairs. So we needed to find a white ottoman to match the chairs, that was small. It was very hard to find in our price range, which was under $100.
I finally found a round ottoman at target for $49. But it was totally the wrong colors, nothing wrong with it, it just didn’t match our living room. I bought it anyways and phoned around to find a seamstress who could make a slipcover for it. I was quoted $200 not including fabric, and $175 not including fabric. I tried to hid my surprise and politely said I’d think about it. I set out to sew it myself, knowing that if I screwed it up it would only cost me $12 in fabric.

So I measured, I cut, I sewed, I ripped seams open and sewed again . . . and again!
And eventually it ended up like this:


Ottomanand in case I encounter someone who doesn’t believe I made it my self, I can prove it. I was stabbed multiple times by pins, and there are tiny flecks of my DNA sewn into every stitch. :) It’s like a signature for seamstresses! :)

Total Cost:
$49 for Ottoman from Target
$12 for Fabric from Jo Ann Fabric
a litre or two of my blood, sweat, and tears $0
$61 + tax :) Woo Hoo!

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