I went to Ikea recently for something totally unrelated to what I walked out with. Because what I went for was kitchen containers . . . what I walked out with was a plant! Seriously I might be a crow, but instead of being attracted to shiny things I’m attracted to green leafy things . . . as well as shiny things ;).

So we have a new family member (sort of), and he wants to live in the library, because he needs more light then the living room can offer.
At first we had him up on the bookcase:

New Library

But still not enough light.

So we moved him too the coffee table, and he seems super happy there . . . but we’re still in the honeymoon phase with him, so far so good.

New Library 2

I LOVE the white ceramic pot, with drainage tray built in! Regularly priced at $29.99 he would have been way out of our houseplant price range, but this little neglected soul was a little worse for wear and we got him for 50% off.

New Library 3 Tree

And because I’ve said . . . out loud . . . in public that I’m going to add more perspective shots, here’s one from a different angle! New Library 4

To me a house isn’t a home without a plant and a pet.

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