We’re a bit behind on our fall chores. Fall is the perfect time to re-seed your lawn, I always thought that you only seeded your lawn once and then it was a lawn and you wouldn’t have to do it again . . . ever. I was wrong.
Since we are trying to keep our lawn 100% natural and organic, weed control can be a bit of a problem. The best way to naturally keep weeds at bay is to make a lush full lawn. If there is tons of grass growing then the weeds have less room to grow.
So here’s the process:

1.   De-thatch your lawn. I didn’t know what thatch was but the best way to describe it would be the dead layer of grass between your blades of grass. You might not have any thatch, but we had a fair amount. A good way to tell is, if you walk on the grass and it’s very soggy, kind of like carpet would be if you soaked it, then you probably have some thatch. You’ll want to remove it before you seed so that your seeds can hit the soil and grow, otherwise a lot of your seeds would just sit on top of dead grass and not grow.
– To de-thatch your lawn you’ll need a thatch rake,

Thatch1 Thatch22.    Dispense seed over lawn. Our lawn gives new meaning to the word postage stamp, seriously if a small yard is a postage stamp then our yard is Elvis’s hair on an Elvis postage stamp (otherwise known as a really really small yard) so we didn’t need a special seed dispenser, Lee just did it by hand. If you had a large area to do, it might make more sense you use a dispenser for a more even coating.

3.    Grab some beautiful compost (from your compost bin) or from the store :) and spread it around your lawn, it helps the seeds get started, it’s also like a mini feeding of fertilizer for you lawn.

DSCF53284.     Sit back and admire what a mess you just made of your lawn and how it looked so much better before you started the process!
It’s true it will look a little thin (kind of like your husband looked in his late 20’s (or at least my husband :) you know, still has most of his hair, but it’s becoming clear that won’t be the case forever . . . that level of thin )
And yes, a thin layer of dirt on your lawn kind of makes it look like you have large burrowing animals. But the compost eventually disintegrates into the earth and the seeds start to sprout and come Spring you’ll have fewer weeds to pull and you’ll have more time to contemplate your husbands hair line :) hehe Just kidding!

In Summary:
De-thatch your lawn with a thatch rake Less than $30 at Home Depot
Seed your lawn
Sprinkle compost on lawn
Think about husbands hair (optional)
Pull fewer weeds in Spring.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

I’ll be organizing kitchen cupboards and whipping up a How To: Slipcover a round ottoman post.

Lee will be making some progress on the barn door for the dining room, and doing something to the engine of his car, only one of which will be making it into next week’s post . . . Let’s hope he makes some good progress on the door, or we’ll all get to learn where spark plugs live :) haha

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