First THANK YOU for all the comments from Yesterday. I was really nervous about changing so much! Especially the name! You are all so sweet and it made me feel a lot better about the whole thing :) THANK YOU!!!!

Now all the mushy stuff is out of the way:
Lee finished the Barn Door Construction this weekend!!!! And I’m in LOVE (with Lee and the door). He did an amazing Job on it. It’s rustic but re-fined. It’s a bit hard to see the details when it’s just raw wood, so we need to paint this bad boy up!

Barn Door

This is where I need some HELP!
We’re deciding on paint colors. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. So we need your input.
Barn Door Paint Chips

Here’s my thinking:
First I was thinking Green because it matches the green in the living room. BUT, I already have green in the living room so maybe we want a different color for the dining room. I’ve been struggling with accent color choices for a while now, too much green everywhere . . . but I do LOVE green ? ? ? ?
Blue would match some of the blue from the living room (in the stars and in the pillow stripes).
And Yellow . . . I just plain LOVE yellow and have been trying to find a way to work it into our house for a while.
Here are the choices:Barn Door Paint Chips upclose

All choices are made Martha Stewart Paints:
1. Rain Water
2. Beach Grass
3. Calabash
4. Cornbread
5. Egg Yolk
And Last a Bonus color choice . . . from my mom . . . Cream, the same cream color as the trim.

So what do you think??

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