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I received an email from a very sweet reader asking me to do a post on COOKBOOKS, specifically the cookbooks I have in the kitchen . . . and I’ve got a lot of cookbooks in the kitchen. Here’s some of my favorites:

First is Sandi Richard’s Dinner survival . . . try the ginger lime chicken (amazing!). We’ve been using her cookbooks for years . . . she has super simple, easy, full of flavor recipes, as well as meal plans and shopping lists :)


Next would be Farm Chicks in the Kitchen. Always a favorite of mine! It has great down home recipes, organized by meal (love that). I’m also loving the little extras that come with the book, like the cute apron stencil and some very easy crafts.


Ratio is a neat little book . . . no pictures though. It’s based on simple baking and cooking principals that can be applied to any recipe. It gives the ratios for sausage, vinaigrette, pie crust and tons more. I thought it was super interesting, I didn’t know that all recipes had a basic equation behind them :) And I would buy the book just for the Chicken Sausage recipe alone!!!!


Everyday Food . . . my go to cookbook!! Easy, simple recipes that taste great and don’t take long to prepare. Also, all the ingredients are either pantry staples or easily found at the grocery store! And I LOVE it when cookbooks are organized by season :)


Recently I’ve been on a bit of a freezer cooking kick and I can thank this book . . . CAN I FREEZE THIS? I loved this book, some great freezer cooking recipes, and some great tips and tricks for freezing food!! And I LOVE the photos of organized freezers :) (I’m so shallow)


Another simple cookbook . . . Best Recipes Ever . . . this is also a great T.V. show here in Canada!!
Great recipes for weeknight and weekend cooking.

best recipes ever

And last if your in an ethnic mood there’s Vij’s. Vij’s is the locally famous Indian restaurant here in Vancouver, every Friday and Saturday night there is a line up out the door. Try the Family Chicken Curry recipe it’s Ah-Mazing!!!

cookbook5So there are my picks!!! If you have a second let me know what your favorite cookbooks are . . . I’m always looking for more cookbooks 😉

Try not to buy these books from Amazon as amazon steal all the profits from publishers.

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