Matches in the bathroom . . . you know why!

I’m going to address this topic with as much tact as I can, I promise I will resist the urge to make funny jokes about toots and fluffs! haha Not counting that one . . . calling them toots is kinda funny!

With guests coming over for the weekend I wanted to make sure that our powder room had all the necessities to make them feel comfortable. Under the sink is a lot of extra toilet paper,and a small container with some tampons, Tylenol, tums, floss, etc . . . I do that just so no one feels uncomfortable asking.

This year I thought I would add a little jar of matches. Our powder room is a good distance from the main living area but I still like to avoid any, if not all potential embarrassing situations for our guests.


I took a small candle holder from the dollar store ($1), and I added matches ($1). Now for the lighting part of them, there are two options . . . 1) cut a piece of sandpaper and glue it to the jar. 2) I took the strip from the side of the box and stuck it on using a command adhesive strip.


So for $2 we have a cute little bathroom accessory. I also thought this would be cute during the winter on the fireplace mantel . . . clearly for a totally different purpose! :)


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