So I’ll set the scene, it’s 5pm Friday evening, I’m waiting for Lee to get home from work.
One hour later . . . still waiting so I call his cell phone, it rings for a while and goes to voicemail. I’m a little worried but not too concerned, it’s not totally unusual for Lee to come home around 6pm.
Another hour passes, I call his cell again . . .  again he didn’t answer, that’s not like Lee usually he’ll either answer right away or call back soon after. NOW I’m worried.

Long story short by the time he made it home, just past 8:30pm, I had already planned his funeral, was wearing black and ready to start my life over as a widower (I move fast).

About 3 weeks ago friends of ours asked Lee to help them replace their old powder room sink and toilet. Lee totally forgot to tell me, in fact he forgot it was this Friday he was suppose to help. He left his phone in the car so he didn’t hear my calls. But in his words “I knew I was in trouble when I saw 7 missed calls from Home”.

So on his way home he picked up, sorry I left my phone in the car roses :)  and sorry I forgot to tell you in the first place, flowers. I was able to make two pretty bouquets out of them!
Don’t tell Lee but I was just plain HAPPY he wasn’t hurt that I didn’t even need flowers . . . like I said don’t tell Lee that!

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