We spent all summer looking for old salvaged door that we could turn into a barn door. I survived a rat sighting, a moth attack, walking into the world’s biggest spider web (and instantly becoming a karate master) and a very pushy salesmen who thought he could push me into buying a door that was too small (seriously . . . I can’t negotiate my door size).

Here’s the door we want to replace. It’s a great door but we can’t close with out moving the dining room chairs out of the way first, and because it separates the laundry room from the main living area it’s really important that it closes.
Lee’s decided that because we’ve had NO luck finding a door . . . he would make one! As well as make the hardware for it too In case you were wondering HOW, Lee can weld and is very skilled at metal work. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, he’s a keeper :)

Dining room

Here’s some of our barn door inspiration:

Barn Door Hardware Barn Door Orange

Here’s the one we’re thinking we’ll base the design around it, but I’m thinking in Green, Martha Stewart’s Beach Grass Green :)

Barn Door Yellow

Today we’re headed out to The Po (That’s what we call The Home Depot, I have no idea why??) to gather supplies, and I’ve baked a Pie for our neighbor, a thank you for borrowing his table saw, so we’re about half way there 😉

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