I’ve received tons of emails, some emails, 2 emails? asking what we do to control the paper situation in our house, because every house has a paper situation.

Here’s the HUB of our home, it’s where we pay the bills, make appointments, and blog from!
It’s where our cell phones charge, and where the stationary equipment lives.

office desk 2 office space organized

Every organized office needs:

~Bulk storage: for printer paper, plastic sheet protectors, printer ink etc . . . We use the large wicker basket at the top to store those things
~Somewhere to keep important records: The Green binders is where I keep track of our Medical Records, also cutouts from magazines, future project ideas, kind of like a hard copy of Pinterest :)
~Correspondence tools: The two green boxes below that hold greeting cards, envelopes, and stamps.
~Below that the green box holds photographs
~Every organized office needs an INBOX!rack

~On the door hangs our spare keys


~And below the spare keys is a small cork board, I think every office space needs a cork board. There will always be small transient pieces of paper . . . Always!

Cork On the desktop is where we keep our cell phone charging dock!
DSCF5976And in my opinion every organized office that sits out in the open on a main floor should have the ability to close up like this:

OfficeHere’s how we handle, the junk to the bills.

First JUNK mail goes right into the recycling bin before it comes into the house. Our recycling bins are right beside the garage door entrance so in they go!

Next we open all the mail, we make a note on our calendar when the due date of the bill is,

DSCF5965then we place the unpaid bills in the INBOX and at the start of each week (Monday) we pay all the bills due that week.


Once they are paid I hit them with the PAID stamp, date they were paid and the confirmation number,

DSCF5966 then file the papers in this file box we picked up at Walmart!


So there’s our organized office and some of the tips we use to keep it that way. Anyone have any office organizing tips of their own??


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