Cutlery Tray for Jewelry!

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July 21, 2011

9 thoughts on “Cutlery Tray for Jewelry!

  1. hi!
    I love this idea. I have been looking for a jewelry holder that will work well and this looks like it could be it. Thank you!! I have one question. Is there a specific reason you used rubber coated mug hooks? Would regular ones do?
    Thanks in advance!

        1. I used lots of strong adhesive strips on the back of the trays to stop me from drilling and making a mess of my walls. I haven’t had any trouble of them falling down so far… However it does all depend on the weight of your jewelry at the end of the day. Good luck.

          1. Hi, your post said you screwed the trays to the wall..but here you say u used adhesive strips…which one works better is all I wonder? Thanks! Great idea!

  2. Great idea, but for a less expensive route I would buy plastic trays at a dollar store. They may even have a choice of colors…so you wouldn’t need to paint. You can probably find the hooks at the dollar store too.

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