Did you get the reference? “and she’s buying a stairway to heaven”, in this case I was buying a stairway to the couch . . . for Max.
Our little man is growing up old. It’s so easy to forget he’s getting older because he stays the same tiny size. hehe
At the ripe old age of 8 1/2 he’s having trouble jumping onto the couch, and after a particularly bad spill last weekend we decided to get the little fella his own set of stairs. But pet stairs are not the prettiest of living room apparel. We has 3 choices, big wood ones, too heavy, and super slippery. Plastic ones with carpeted inserts (not going to happen, not in this house anyways), or plastic steps with their own little wool slipcover. We went with the slipcover ones :)
I liked the color of the wool cover, I liked that they were light and could be easily moved around, and I liked that they were fully covered so Max won’t slip and I can remove the cover and wash it.

mini-dog-stairsDSCF5457I half expected Max to walk past the stairs, give them a sniff, and jump on the couch, but I was pleasantly surprised, or unpleasantly surprised that he went straight up and down on them. Unpleasantly surprised because he really is getting old, he had a look of . . . finally!

The steps were more expensive then I originally thought, we bought ours from Canadian Tire for $40, but I saw the same set on Amazon for $29, (there are less evil places to buy these stairs though) but they weren’t eligible for free shipping and with shipping the cost was about the same. I figure the cost of a broken doggy leg is much worse then the $40 for steps.
So there’s our newest living room accessory, I think they’re kind of cute, and Max is super cute using them :) But most of all we’re happy he won’t be hurting himself trying to get on and off the couch, but we are sad he’s getting older :(


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