I’ve been looking at salt lamps for a while now, I first saw them when my Mother in Law, who is always in the know about everything natural, bought one for Lee’s brothers birthday! It was one of those Mental Note moments, you know “note to self, buy a salt lamp”.
Truth be told I kind of forgot about it, but while poking around on Amazon trying to reach the $25 mark to get some free shipping :) I stumbled upon the Himalayan Salt Lamps.
Here’s how it looks turned off:

Salt lamp turned offTelevisions, computers and other electronic devices can produce 100-160 hz, our brains can produce only 8hz.. Meaning we are exposed to 20 times the frequency we are generally use to. The consequences of this vary from lack of concentration to insomnia to fatigue AND it’s known to create an accumulation of free radicals in your body, known to cause Cancer.
Because computers and televisions emit the most hz salt lamps are most effective when kept within close proximity to them. Ours is on our TV stand, right below the TV.
Here’s how it looks turned on:

Now on to how the salt lamp can help. A salt lamp is basically an ionizer, releasing negative ions into the air to bind with the excess positive ions released by electronics. By binding with the excess positive ions they create a more natural air quality. But unlike an ionizer the salt lamps is also used to reduce stress levels, to aid in meditation, and if you are unlucky enough to suffer from allergies it should help you by improving the air around you.

If your looking to get one of your own, or if you already have one, a few things to keep in mind would be:

  • Never sprinkle water on your salt lamp, it will already be a little damp because as it warms up it absorbs moisture in the air , but you still should never water your salt lamp.
  • For the same reason you shouldn’t place your salt lamp outside.
  • If crystallization occurs wipe it down with a dry cloth not a wet one, I think I’ve made my point, they don’t like water :)
  • It’s recommended that you light your salt lamp every day and leave it on for as long as possible.
  • and if you are planning on not using it for a while (ie. vacation) you should cover it with a bag to save it from humidity.

So those are all the reasons why we bought a salt lamp, well that and I had to beef up my amazon purchase to take advantage of their free shipping option. We both really like the lamp, in fact it’s the first lamp Lee’s ever “LOVED” he picked it up from the post office and asked me why I bought a rock, but as soon as I plugged it in he was enthralled, as was I. We spent the rest of the night in the living room staring blankly at the lamp and it’s warm orange glow.
If your looking for a natural way to clean your air, or are looking to create a relaxing glow, or are suffering from any symptoms of EMP (electromagnetic pollution) consider a salt lamp! It’s natural, it’s pretty and it’s super relaxing :)

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