We needed chairs in our living room, our guests ended up sitting on the floor, or worse yet, WE ended up sitting on the floor 😉
So we needed chairs here was our criteria:

  • Inexpensive, with all the landscaping that needs to be done this spring we simply didn’t have the money to go to a furniture gallery and buy two chairs.
  • They had to fit into the “neutral” scheme of the room. But our couch is beige and we didn’t want beige chairs too.
  • They needed to be small because we didn’t have enough room to fit two huge club chairs.
  • They couldn’t have high backs or they would block too much of the window.

It’s a bit of a Goldilock’s story, not too big (they’d block the window), not too small (Lee couldn’t fit into them), they had to be just right :)
These White Slip covered Jennylund chairs were, just right, better then just right they were darn near perfect for what we needed.

Chairs2Another important part was that they had to have a matching ottoman. The distance from the chairs to the coffee table is too far to put your feet up (even if you have miles of legs like Lee). So to solve this we bought the Bromma Ottoman also from Ikea.

And the best part is, both chairs were bought off of Craigslist for . . . $140 for the pair. They were in great condition structurally but the slipcovers were in terrible condition. So two Slipcovers later ($60 each) and we have two chairs for less then $300 (each chair would have been $369 new).

Chairs3After the chairs were in place all that was needed were some pillows. I wanted beige pillows to carry the beige over to that side of the room. I found the Striped fabric at ARDENE’S here in BC. The fabric was Super expensive (at least I found it super expensive at $25 a yard) so I only bought 1/2 a yard and bought a cheaper beige ticking for the back. I added a band of the beige ticking to the front, and covered three buttons to complete the look.

p.s. making fabric covered buttons is super easy, all you need is a little kit, bought from the any sewing store (less then $3.00 for 3 buttons).

Chairs5There’s our latest addition to the Living Room, Looks like we’ll be able to do a Living Room Reveal sooner then later, we’re missing some accessories and a little organization :) but we’re well on our way to a finished living room.

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