Once and a while I come across a recipe in a magazine that I have to try. I’m not going to lie, my decisions on which ones to keep are usually based off of the photo :) hehe
But Here’s how I work it:
-I see a recipe I like . . . the picture of
-I cut the recipe out, and pin it up.
-when I try it, and I like it I take it down and put it in my recipe book.
-If we try it and it needs “tweaking” I write my notes on the paper and pin it back up. The next time I try it with the notes and if it still doesn’t work I throw it out.

As you can see there are a lot of “works in progress”


To store them I took Cork Squares I bought from Michaels. They were the perfect size to fit on the cupboard door. It took two of them to fill the door, cost a total of $7 and so worth it!
I hope you’ll try this project it takes 5 min and is so useful!

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