Okay, so maybe I’m not god just because I installed a couple of pendants but I certainly felt like it when I flicked the switch!
They are from RONA here in Canada, they cost a reasonable, yet considerable $80 each. But I fell in LOVE with their industrial charm.

We didn’t want something with a fabric shade, I just don’t think that’s practical for a kitchen, function before fashion :)
The brushed nickel finish cleans off nicely and the glass underneath protects the light bulb and inside from airborne grease and such.
The pendants are also on pulley’s so if we need some very direct task lighting, for example . . . if we decide to become surgeons or . . . take up building small boats in bottles, this will be the place to do it.

So in conclusion if anyone needs a minor surgery (just kidding) or a sail boat built into a bottle (seriously just kidding) or maybe just a sandwich we can now see what we are doing and would be happy to oblige.

Check back tomorrow for our, Kitchen Reveal.

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  1. Jennifer

    very cool. This is completely unrelated to this post :-) but I was reading back through your blog and noticed that at some point you had a darker color scheme (red couch and curtains, etc). My downstairs is very similar with a red kitchen and dining room, and red curtains in the living room. It looks fabulous in the fall but now that it’s spring I really want to lighten it up. Any good suggestions on how to bring spring into your house…esp if your colors in your house are red? Thanks – I aspire to have my house look half as good as yours :-) cant wait for the kitchen reveal!!!!


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