This is a huge reveal, especially considering there wasn’t any major construction just some counter jewelry and a lot of cookbooks :)
Kitchen Reveal


We added some Ingolf bar stools to the bar, although I don’t love the fact that the backs are below the bar top so we’ll see if they stay.
You’ve seen the pendents from yesterday!


and the stove from Monday!

Here’s our EAT sign, if you’re looking for the tutorial here it is:


Probably the most noticeable change we made was taking the doors off the uppermost cabinets. It’s funny though, one of the things I most liked about our new kitchen was those little doors at the top with their glass cutouts. But once we moved in, they just didn’t function. The glass distorted the look of anything pretty we put behind them, yet as soon as you put something like paper towel back there you could instantly tell it was paper towel. So we removed each door, packed it up gently and stored them in a moving box under our stairs. I Love the cookbooks all around the top of the kitchen.

New house kitchen



It makes perfect sense to have your cookbooks in your kitchen, and I love the color it adds. It also provides nice relief from all the dark cabinetry.
I do most of my meal planning in the kitchen beside the pantry, I pull a bar stool in, grab my cookbooks and spend a good 30 minutes planning the weeks menu.



I love the little white porcelain colander we found at Macy’s I believe it’s a Martha Stewart product :)


Our dishwasher is made by Kenmore. It was bought from Sears Outlet store. It was also a customer return, one of the sprayers was broken so the customer returned it, Sears fixed it, and we bought it for a seriously discounted price. Just to be on the safe side we purchased the extended warranty, for an additional $60 our dishwasher is covered for the next 3 years. Gotta LOVE those hidden controls.


We stuck with the slightly industrial theme. From our stove and lights to our kitchen faucet. A nice tall faucet with a spring-y neck was just what the doctor ordered. It’s pretty, and oh so functional. We have a pot of pothos ivy behind the sink. It likes the indirect sunlight and the humid air.


You’ll also notice our compost carrier, He lives on the counter and gets emptied daily! More on our composting plans later this spring.

Beside the stove we keep our utensil crock and a little tray that holds our olive oil and salt and pepper.


I am also dying to share with you . . . our garbage can! I know it sounds crazy, but I am over the moon about our garbage can. But more on that later . . . It truly deserves it’s own post, it’s that fabulous :)


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