Still trying to wrap up some loose ends around The Manor. One of those loose ends being organizing our pantry (I’m using the word pantry even though technically it’s just a cupboard :). I bought these organizers at Walmart on my last trip to Bellingham, and they’ve been sitting on my kitchen counter for almost a week. So today I’ll be attempting to install them myself but I would not at all be surprised if I end up baking chocolate chip cookies for Lee in exchange for him installing them for me :)

I purchased 2 of these pull down shelves. Our cupboards go right up to the 9 foot ceilings and sometimes a girl needs a little help reaching.
Rubbermaid makes these, and at only $10 each I thought they were a steal!

spice racks

january 052

I also picked up a little basket I thought it would be useful for little packaged snacks or coffee filters.

So I’ve got my plan, now I’ve just got to put it into action. Oh . . . . .and bake some cookies :)
Meet me back here tomorrow to check out the finished product, our newly organized
kitchen cupboards pantry.

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