If you caught our Library Reveal Part 1 you’d notice we had some very important parts missing. I finally found the missing parts, sewed them up and now we can do a Fully Finished Library Reveal.

january 093

I searched high, low and everything in between for fabric, I’ve been to every fabric store in the Greater Vancouver Region, I’d even been to a different country (USA) for fabric and I finally found it, although in an unlikely place.
I was shopping in Target, looking for place mats when I saw . . . TABLECLOTHS. Not being a person who uses tablecloths I walked by, but then I thought what is a tablecloth but fabric!!!
So I went back to see what the measurements were. 60″ x 84″ long (a ready made window panel is 84″ long so I bought them). But I knew that our windows are taller then standard windows so I bought an extra tablecloth in a contrasting pattern to add to the bottom.

january 084

Also Did I mention they were on SALE!!!! $11.88 each. I bought Three tablecloths in total.

Lee mounted the bar wall to wall inside the little alcove. And I used these curtain rings to hold up the tablecloths :) I love these clips!

curtain hooks

Because I bought ready made “Tablecloths” all the edges were beautifully hemmed, in fact if our windows were standard height I wouldn’t have had any sewing to do at all. But alas, our windows aren’t standard and I set off adding the contrasting fabric to the bottom. Because my contrasting fabric was also a table cloth with the exact same dimensions it meant that each side of the contrasting tablecloth had finished, nicely hemmed edges so it was just a matter of simply attaching the contrasting fabric to the main fabric by sewing one straight line! SUPER EASY!

january 107a

So I picked out one of the colors from the pattern and chose that for my accent. Because we already had a green lamp it made perfect sense to pull the green out of the pattern.

january 103

Using the trusty Envelope Pillow Cover method I sewed up a couple of green velvet pillows.

january 110

And that’s our Fully Finished LIBRARY! :)
january 094

january 117
january 096january 098
So, what did you think of our tablecloths I mean Curtains :)?

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