Here’s the situation:
Big Wall  to fill, very low budget to fill it, and no artistic skill of my own. I LOVE Ikea’s Ribba Frames, and for two huge frames the Price was reasonable ($35 each). So next I just had to figure out what to put in them.

I wanted something very simple, something that didn’t scream LOOK AT ME!!! But something that said “Here I am aren’t I pretty” hehe Nothing with too much color, nothing that clashed with the rest of the team room. Also, because we’re working with a “great room”, totally open concept, it had to play nice with not only the dining room furniture, but the living room furniture, the kitchen and because you can see the dining room from the library it also needed to compliment the library. Not to mention the fact that each picture would have to match the other in some way.
My first thought was to take a couple of photos, blow them up and frame them, but . . . our local photo lab wanted $60 a picture. Which would bring each piece up to $95 plus tax. That’s over $200 for dining room art.
So I turned my attention to Wall Decals!
I found this one at Target it was $12.99 and it was the perfect size to fit in the frames with the mats.


I took the wall decal cut it into two parts one side is 2/3rds and the other is 1/3.
Then I bought two sheets of poster board, at 89cents each.
Peeled the decal off, stuck it to the poster board and for less the $8.50 each we have art for the dining room.

dining room art pictures

Here’s the close up:


I’m hoping to find some accent dishes for our dining room reveal so assuming the shopping gods are smiling on me this weekend, we should have a dining room reveal next week :)

And tomorrow a twist on our Flowers on Friday, we’re going to do House Plants from around The Manor. A reader asked which plants we have hanging around here and I can’t wait to share :)

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