I seriously had no idea what to name this post, so here goes “Tweet, Tweet, here’s your keys” the name will make sense in a second . . . . . .or maybe not :)

As we get settled into the new house and start getting our routines down, I started looking for patterns. My philosophy with organizing has always been “See where it lands then organize it”. I’ve found that making an organized space for example a coat closet, doesn’t actually mean it will get used, especially if you don’t come in anywhere near it.
So I waited to see where we would naturally want to put our stuff down. Turns out it’s the mudroom/laundry room, and somehow the keys always end up on the console table. So first things first I needed some key hooks.
But since the console table is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door they would have to be really nice key hooks, ever tried to find really nice key hooks? it’s not easy. But I did it!
holding for applause . . . . . . 
I found these super adorable key hooks from Urban Barn they are made by UMBRA so cute!!

December 045key hangers

The magnet is super strong it can hold up Lee’s keys and he has a trillion! Plus it can hold other things too. You can use them just like little hooks to hold a jacket or a scarf, and the little birdy beak can hold mail or paper, a little honey do list so he’s sure not to forget it on his way out : )


December 008

It kind of makes me feel like Cinderealla or Snow white, you know, little birdies helping you get ready in the morning :) hehe Or maybe I’m just sniffing too many paint fumes, can that happen with low VOC paint? hmmmmm . . . . . . Maybe I’m just a little nutty :) Hope you liked them as much as I do.
Tweet tweet here’s your keys, geez

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