How To: Sew an Envelope Pillow Cover

I told you I had a very easy way to sew pillows it’s called an ENVELOPE pillow cover.
Here’s how it looks:

or this:  (excuse the sleeping Max :)

Here’s how easy it is:

1) Here’s how much fabric you’ll need:

  • 12″ Pillow – Fabric 12″ by 28″
  • 14″ Pillow – Fabric 14″ by 32″
  • 16″ Pillow – Fabric 16″ by 36″
  • 18″ Pillow – Fabric 18″ by 40″

2) Marking:

  • For a 12″ pillow mark your fabric 8″ in on the longest edges.
  • For a 14″ pillow mark your fabric 9″ in on the longest edges.
  • For a 16″ pillow mark your fabric 10″ in on your longest edge
  • For an 18 ” pillow mark your fabric 11″ in on your longest edge

*Note: Don’t add any fabric for seam allowances, it’s better to sew a 1/2″ seam allowance and STUFF the pillow inside the cover. I like an overstuffed looking pillow.

3) Fold each end under 1/4 inch, IRON and sew a nice neat hem (see above diagram).

 4) Fold your fabric, right sides together. There should be a 3 1/2″ overlap for the back side of your pillow.

5) Sew the sides with the raw edges, using 1/2″ seams.

 6) Turn the pillow case inside out, IRON and stuff your pillow inside! No need for Zippers, buttons or anything of the sort.
And that’s how I make . . . . . All the pillows I’ve ever made! :) A pillow with only 4 lines to sew (and you could even get away with 3 lines of sewing if you only hem the side that shows, although one more line of sewing isn’t going to kill you :)
I hope that helps all you other simple sewers like me!

Please excuse my crude drawings I tried to make it super simple, as my direction giving is sub-par (at best)

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