Out of Curtain Frustration, I decided it was time to get the Spare Keys in Order. If you missed where we keep our everyday keys, follow the LINK.
Last week as part of our Library Reveal I showed you our Secretary’s desk.

OfficeThis little desk is the organizational HUB of The Manor. It’s where we pay bills, make plans, it’s where our calendar is kept, it’s where I’m writing this post from, it’s like the nucleus of our home. So when I needed to start organizing our spare keys I knew exactly where they should go.

CorkWe had a drawer full of keys just clanging around, I was starting to forget what keys were for what.
So after going door to door around the house I figured out what keys went with what locks and started out labeling them.
In the Townhouse I used these little round tags:

December 299But Lee would take the keys to his “project” car, aka. the bain of my existence hehe just kidding (kind of :S) and then they would come back looking like this:

December 303

So a quick trip to Staples and I found these key tags for much cheaper then the little paper round ones and they are plastic so the grease and oil will rub right off.


I bought the key hooks from The Home Depot, but I’ve recently seen them at Target for much cheaper (insert angry face!!).
I organized each key holder into categories, the Top One is Locks (things like keys to the pad lock, keys to the bike lock, keys to the suitcase lock. The Middle One is house keys, spare front door key, spare back door key, spare basement key, etc. . . . And the Bottom Row is Car Keys, spare Ashli’s car key, spare Lee’s car key, spare project car key (which is missing, I’m sure I’ll find that in the laundry later this week) and spare Motorcycle key (yes Lee has a motorcycle and yes I’m not terribly happy about it (insert angrier face HERE!) hahah just kidding (kind of).
And Last on the same door under the keys I put up some Cork! I find those Cork Tiles super handy. I LOVE having somewhere to pin up a slip of paper that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle!

So that’s the first part of the Desk organized. I’ll be working on the rest this week, along with the library curtains (which are proving to be more difficult then anticipated (insert yet another angry face). Wish me luck, I don’t think I’ll have a curtains post ready for this week, but I do have some special request posts coming up later this week. Also I’ve received the Stylish Blogger Award (Yahoo!!) so I’ll have a post about that coming up later today!

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