I say ALMOST because I still need to find and hang curtains, organize the secretary desk and then there’s the whole throw pillow situation :) I haven’t decided if I want to add more color or if I want to make it a neutral back drop for all the colorful books.
But Here’s what we’ve got to far.

january 040p

january 021

Here’s what it looked like before:


You’ll notice we painted the panels, the forest green wasn’t really cutting it for me.
Here’s some of the details:
  • Our A-Z book ends with some of my favorite books. And Our Telescope! Disregard the pictures Eventually I’ll be replacing the photos (frames are staying)

a-z book ends

Our Christmas Gift from my sister. A set of original oil paintings, painted by My Sister. I, sadly, got the short end of the talent stick, my mom is also a very talented artist. I on the other hand once turned a paint by numbers canvas into something that resembled mud on paper.

january 028 january 025

And Now the Secretary Desk!!! Just a Ikea one we use to have it in our Guest Bedroom in the OLD Manor. It fit perfectly into the corner of the Library. Paired with an old Windsor Chair it’s the perfect little desk for bills, letters and general office-y things :) My next project will be organizing the Desk!

january 030 january 031
Here is what it looked like before:
DSCF3411So there’s our almost finished Library, just some curtains, a couple of throw pillows and a desk organizing post to go. But a good start anyways :)
Bookcase tutorial tomorrow and some of our tips for organizing a book collection, then last, a favorite reads post and that should finish off “Library week” haha sure felt like a library week :)

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