I don’t know if you’ve seen Cougar Town, very funny by the way, but I love the houses. Half the reason I watch the show is to see the interiors.
I saw an EAT sign in Courtney Cox’s kitchen. I believe it’s from Anthropologie and I think it’s just under $50. There have been a few of our fellow bloggers who have done takes on the EAT sign, Here’s mine:


First I bought the letters from Jo Ann fabric, they were around $2 each.

November 135

Then I took Fabric from the pillows I recently made and cut it into strips.

November 139

I used Modge Podge to to glue the fabric to the letters!

December 065

It was all very easy, and now I have a sign that matches my decor perfectly :) And for under $10 (fabric was free because it was leftover from my pillow project, and it only took half a jar of modge podge).


Project Tips:

Use thin fabric, thick canvas won’t bend into the corners well.
wear old pants, I ruined my sweats :)
Be liberal with the Modge Podge
cut your fabric into thin strips about 2 inches thick by 4 inches long works best!

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