That’s not a typo, we fashioned a $1 dog bed! Kind of :)
Here’s the details:
I went to Ikea this week, midnight madness and all, and found sofa cushion covers in the AS-IS section. As long as I’ve been going to Ikea I’ve always seen cushion covers in theĀ  AS-IS area, I always looked at them and never had any idea what to do with them, until now!

Recently we bought a Molly Mutt bed for Max (if you missed that post HERE it is) and we loved the premise behind it! A washable doggy duvet stuffed with any soft cushioning you can find, old clothes, sheets, towels. This is the same idea.

why1 So we took our $1 AS-IS bin find.
December 304Recently we switched all of our towels to Organic ones (Post coming later this week) and all of our old towels made the perfect stuffing for Max’s new bed $0

December 307a So there’s our $1 dog bed and the best part is Max likes it too :)
December 309a

Ikea almost always has cushion covers in their as-is section for way under $5, the most expensive one I found was $4. I’ll definitely be checking back, I’m hoping to get one in the Ektorp White color too!

I realize this would only work as a dog bed for the little puppies or kitties of the world, but this would also work as floor cushions for kids, or adults who enjoy sitting on the floor :)

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