Today is not only my first Flowers on Friday from the new Manor, it’s also my BIRTHDAY!
The BIG 27 oooooooooo . . . . . . . Although I don’t think I can put BIG in front of any number that starts with a 2, so I’ll just say I’m turning 27 today. Another First Today, we got the first snow of the season !! Also, the first time I have ever had snow on my birthday (it’s unseasonably early this year). And for anyone who was wondering,  although we live in Canada it doesn’t mean we have snow all the time, we live on the west coast, it’s like cold California up here, hehe, well . . . . almost :)

With Christmas just around the corner I’ve been thinking about mantel ideas. Here is the start of our Christmas Mantel! Also a sneak peek of our living room progress!!!

Mantel 2

Paperwhites are one of my favorite flowers mostly because they remind me of Spring, and around December I could use a reminder!! One thing I don’t love about them is their smell (I know that’s something they are commonly desired for) but I’m not a big fan. There are two other varieties are”Grand Soliel d’Or” with yellow petals and cup and the “Chinese Sacred Lily” (neither Chinese nor a lily) with white petals and yellow cup. Both, have a fruitier scent then the traditional paperwhites, however they do not produce as many blooms as the traditional paperwhites so they are much harder to find!
Hope everyone has a great weekend, I will be dining with friends and family tonight, then sewing my rear end off this weekend.
I am a terrible sewer so many melt-downs are expected!!


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  1. Connie

    Hi Ashley! I love your blog!!! You have given me inspiration out the (excuse my French)
    Wazoo! Lol I have yet to be able to find direction on how you attached the pictures to the glass in the frames, you know, the ones in your photo of your mantle with the paper whites? I absolutely love those! Already have plans to do my own, with a little assistance from you of course. Hope to get a reply from you soon! I love your sense of humor and the fact that you occasionally break out speaking “French”!
    LMAO!!! Looking forward to seeing the great things you (and Lee) come up with in the future!
    Sincerely a fan,

    • Profile photo of Ashley

      Hello I hope you are having a great day and thank you for reading my blog. The frames came from Jysk! but I’ve also seen them at walmart! The pictures just slip straight in so there wasnt any messing around needed.
      Most of the stuff from my house is pretty cheap but with a bit of clever arranging you can make things look expensive hehe :) I hope this helps If not then please feel free to ask more questions. :)

  2. Heidi

    I love what you’ve done with the pictures above your mantel! I also love paperwhites, but my husband and I decided to never get them again because they start to smell like a dirty diaper. I started looking for artificial ones at PB, but it’s nice to know of some similar varieties that might work! Thanks for the great ideas!


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