That’s right It’s 9 days until D-day or should I say M-day(moving day)! Around the end of last week the boxes started to take over our living area’s, not to mention the fridge in our living room (long story I’ll explain in a bit). Our little townhouse is very narrow (12 feet wide) and a good 6 to 8 feet has now been annexed by boxes. Come moving day it will make it a lot easier to have all the boxes close to the front door, but for now we are living in the upstairs, dinner in bed? Heck yes! hehe
Now as for the fridge in our living room that story goes something like, we needed a fridge as soon as we move in, we refuse to pay full price (around $2000), so we went to an outlet store (sears outlet to be specific), found one for $1320 minus 40%(weekend sale) = a fabulous, brand new, side by side, counter depth, stainless steel fridge for just over $700. Totally worth living with a fridge in the Living Room for two weeks (although I’m not the one who has to move it down the stairs :)
I wanted to share with you the other area’s of our house that are a little less ‘high profile’, the bathrooms, closets etc. . .

Again, sorry about the poor quality pictures I only had my phone with me that day, but as soon as we are in I will take some great photos that really show off the space, at the very least these terrible quality photos will make for great Before pics :)
Here’s our full guest bathroom: Again with the open toilet lid, geez!DSCF3385

Our master bathroom: This bathroom we will be doing a big of work. I love a bright and airy bathroom, so the wall color as well as some of the fixtures will get changed (the baby poop wall color is just not doing it for me)


Here’s our powder room: I probably should have closed this toilet lid too, before I took the picture, oops

Our coat closet, I know it sounds silly but I am so excited to organize it!


Our coat closet, I know it sounds silly but I am so excited to organize it!


Since we are nearing move day I thought I would share with you the schedule for the next couple of weeks.
Our move date is Oct.28th and 29th.

Tomorrow’s post- master bedroom plans
Thursday’s post- master bedroom products
Friday- Moving Tips, tricks and idea’s round-up! (So if your not planning a move maybe hop over to one of the blogs on our blogroll today).
Then we’ll be gone for 2 weeks! I’ll pop in a couple times to shoot and up date but for 2 whole weeks we’ll be moving and suffering from blogger with drawl!
Our twitter account will be holding the day to day updates during those two weeks, you can check in or follow us here.
However, Moving isn’t terribly exciting, our twitter updates will probably go something like this:

Moving today
Hurt my self moving today
So tired of moving today
Thank goodness I’m not Lee today (Lee has to move all the really heavy stuff, did I mention the fridge).
All done moving today :)

I am so excited to start sharing our simplified, organized, green life with you again.
Lately life has been anything but simplified!

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