I love the idea of each individual room in our home having it’s own feeling. I want all the rooms to flow together but I also want them to have their own distinct feel. Part of my plan is for each room to have it’s own scent. I haven’t gotten around to assigning each room it’s own scent yet, but some rooms are harder then others. For example I am having the hardest time with the bathroom. I think it might be impossible. The hand Soap is Almond Scented (Dr. Brommers castile soap), my shampoo is pomegranate, Body wash is Tea Tree, Shaving gel is Jasmine, I might just be fighting an un-winnable war with the bathroom, I’ll keep you updated and let you know how it goes.
In the meantime I’ve assigned the Kitchen and Master Bedroom.
It’s perfect that We just bought a meyer lemon tree because the kitchen scent is lemon. I just think that Lemon smells so clean, and fresh. Now I know that the smell is artificial and “real” Cleaning products don’t have a smell, but I chose the most eco friendly products I could find and feel very safe using them in our home.scentsPalmolive ECO is our dishwasher detergent, it’s phosphate free so it is better for our lakes and streams. And we use Mrs.Meyers for the rest of our kitchen cleaning team. I love the counter top spray, and the surface wipes. The hand soap and dish soap are also Mrs.Meyers and smell amazing.

The Master bedroom is Lavender Scented (no surprise there). We use Mrs.Meyers Lavender Laundry Detergent to wash the sheets (we make our own detergent but when it comes to our bed sheets we use the store bought stuff, I can deal with my clothes smelling like nothing, but not when it comes to my sheets, I love the light lavender scent the sheets give off when you hop into bed). And yes I know the smell is fake and yes I know it’s probably not good for me,  but I buy a very natural brand and I only use it on my sheets. :)
We also have a little french Lavender plant on the dresser, and a little french lavender candle. The Candle is from target, follow link Here.

August 660

August 667

We also have a lavender plant on our juliet balcony, and on a warm summer night the wind blows in the faintest Lavender smell from outside our bedroom window (sounds idyllic, but once that warm summer breeze blew in the biggest spider, so it’s not all, lavender and lemons around here haha) Seriously that spider was huge. Sorry there’s no picture of the lavender plant, If you’ve ever seen a juliet balcony you’ll know there’s no room to stand, let alone take pictures.
So there’s our rooms scent by scent. I’ll keep you updated on the bathroom scent although, I’m not holding my breath.

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