On our last trip to the wonderful land called Target, I picked up some Organic Cotton Sheets for $44.99 wow! Now while they aren’t the softest sheets ever, they are Organic and comfortable. Next wash I’ll add some vinegar as a fabric softener.

August 062

August 034

The new sheets inspired me to vacuum the mattress a little before schedule. We vacuum our mattress every 3 months, but this was a 2 month mattress vacuum, I know very crazy!!
Lee was helping me change the sheets and had never seen the results of a good mattress vacuum, so I put him to work, while I took the pictures. (no those aren’t my manly hands in the photo)

August 064

Now here comes the full disclosure part, here is what the vacuum pulls out of the mattress, only two months after it’s last vacuum.

August 073

eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww! I can’t believe I just showed you that!!! Aaaa . . . . . .
Here’s the break down:
We have a dyson D17 Animal Vacuum, it sucks hard :)
We use a thin mattress pad to protect the mattress.
We use the Dyson attachment that has the spinning brushes, it works so much better then just the upholstery attachment.
So, there’s my full disclosure, doesn’t it make you want to vacuum your mattress :)

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