Well it’s been a long time coming but we finally finished our mudroom/ front entrance. It’s really a hybrid of the two, since it’s the only entrance to our house technically it’s a front entrance. But because it’s the only entrance we needed it function, well, like a mudroom.

Mudroom door viewThe room is only 4 feet by 5 feet and that included the closet space. It had bi-fold doors on the closet. The doors took up way too much space when opened and made the already tiny room smaller when closed, so the first thing we did was remove them.
Once the doors were off we Lee painted Large Green Stripes on the wall using Martha Stewarts new line of paint. We used her Bay Leaf color and I couldn’t be more in love with it. Lee also said he really liked her paint, it went on smoothly, although bubbled a bit when rolling, he suggested using a foam roller when painting. As an added bonus, we only had to purchase a $5 tester and that was enough for the stripes. Talk about big impact, low price.

Mudroom stair view Mudroom Green Stripes Mudroom Before TapeThen we installed a simple, very inexpensive closet unit. I know they aren’t the most attractive unit’s but the price was right, and with a few lovely baskets they looked a lot nicer.

mudroom upper baskets Mudroom Baskets

We installed a mirror for a quick hair checks on the way out the door, but to add a little extra to it, we ordered a vinyl decal from Etsy. The decal came in four pieces. The Big M was one, The Malinek Family was another and Established 2006 was another. In case you were wondering why 2006 it’s because we were married in January of 2006.

Mudroom Mirror

Underneath the mirror are these fabulous Ikea hooks. Because the room is so tiny, any amount of saved space is welcomed, even if it is only an inch. These little hooks unfold to hold jackets and purses, and fold away to save space when they aren’t in use. Genius, Ikea has such smart ideas sometimes.

mudroom hooks

Of coarse you remember the boot tray project from Mondays Post. I love the boot tray so much I still wanted to show you more pictures about it! It’s pretty and functional. And anytime function and style meet makes me happy!

Mudroom Pebble upcloseMudroomLavender Boots

We also added two little hooks, also from Ikea, to hang the dog leash from.
Leash Hooks

So there is our Mudroom. I tried to add as much style without compromising at all on the function. And all on a budget.
Budget Breakdown:
Mirror: Home Depot $19.99
Decal: Etsy $12.99
Hooks: Ikea $10.00 / 3
Leash Hooks: Ikea$4.99/ 2
Closet unit: Home Depot $40.00
Baskets: Ikea $45.00 /3 ($14.99 each)
Boot Tray Project: (Rocks Ikea, tray Bed Bath and Beyond) $17.50
Small Baskets: Ikea $18.00 /3 ($5.99 each)
Hangers: $5.99
Paint: Home Depot $4.99 (Martha Stewart’s Bay Leaf)

Grand Total: $179.45

Oh, and Max Loves the New Mudroom too:

Mudroom Max

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