boot trayThis weekend was full of projects here at the Manor, I’m actually looking forward to Monday so I can relax a bit. For one we have almost finished our Mudroom/Foyer. I am so excited to show you the final result but alas a four day weekend was not enough to finish completely, check back on Wednesday to see the final product.
You’ve probably caught your first peek of my latest project on the new Header, but here’s the details.
I am so in love with this boot tray (hmmm… there’s something I never thought I’d say). We live in beautiful British Columbia where it rains, A LOT! We wear our gum boots more then we wear our flip flops that’s for sure. So we needed a boot tray. But if you have to have something in your home you might as well make it as beautiful as possible.
While I love the final product, in the interest of full disclosure I really wanted to use a tin tray, but I could not find one that would fit Lee’s Boots (Size 14) and so I bought a $10 black plastic one instead (function over fashion).
The rocks are great because they allow the boots to dry off faster by letting the water drip away from them instead of pooling up underneath. I purchased the plastic Tray from Bed Bath and Beyond (obviously part of their beyond section) for $10, and the rocks from Ikea at $1.49 a bag the project required 5 bags.
So for a grand total of $17.50 I have a functional, stylish boot tray that would brighten any rainy day.

boot tray 2

Here it is in it’s place downstairs in our Mudroom! The days of stepping in puddles of water are gone.

boot tray 2 pantry

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