I’ve always loved the idea of a small library, with a big leather couch and huge wood desk. The entire room lined with leather bound books, a small bonsai on the table with one of those small rock and sand gardens on the desk. You know those little sand boxes you rake with the tiny rake. Well, I don’t have a library, and I can’t think of a place to put a sand box, so for now I have a Bonsai!

bonsai 1

They are very hearty and very affordable. We took a trip to a specific bonsai store, we probably paid a little more for our bonsai then we would have if we bought it from a big box store but we get a bunch of extra’s that we wouldn’t have gotten from the big box store. For one, free re-potting for life, two, if our bonsai gets “sick” they will take it in and revive it and three, we have free trimming for life. Another bonus of going to the big box store was we got to pick out the color of our pot and the color of the rocks to make sure they matched our decor.

bonsai traybonsai startbonsai hutJuly 009July 011

The cost was very reasonable:
The tree was: $12.99
The pot and tray: $9.99
The rocks: $2.99 (for added drainage in the tray)

The tiny Hut: $0.99
Total Project Cost: $26.96

I Love house plants and this little guy is my new pride and joy. He’s our new¬† beautiful, Green, air purifying accessory. You can’t get much better then that.
Side note: Juniper Bonsai’s thrive during warmer months outside. So for now our little fella is spending his time on the deck but come early fall he’ll be making his appearance indoors.

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