I love to read and as soon as you enter our home you can tell. The first thing you see on our main floor is all of my books. We use Ikea Billy Bookcases to store the book bounty I have collected. They are holding up well, but they still looked very unfinished to me. Lee had installed some track lighting in front of the case, normally I’m not a huge fan track lighting but the effect is lovely enough to overlook the  track.
After the lighting was installed they still looked like 3 bookcases pushed together. So clearly Trim was needed. A quick trip to Home Depot and we had our crown molding and base board. A quick chop, and some finishing nails later, voila Built in Billy Bookcases. Oh, and caulk, I  almost forgot the caulk. Lee finished all the seams with caulking and they looked fantastic.
We painted the trim the same off white color of the bookcases and I couldn’t be happier with the look.

Before: Yes I did pick the ugliest possible picture I could find for the before!


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