We do a lot of cooking over here at the Manor, Lee is a big eater and if we ate dinner out a lot we would be poor! So our solution is to eat at home. We even make our own sushi, and curries. Although from time to time we are seen running across the street to the japanese restaurant for take out (our sushi restaurant is a one minute walk across the street, so tempting to just order sushi anytime you’re hungry).
We don’t have a crazy amount of spice, we only buy what we use, for instance I hate cumin, even if a recipe calls for it, I cut it out. So buying one of those racks with all the spices in it, wasn’t a good idea for us. I also much prefer fresh herbs so all spring and summer we grow them on the deck (more on that in a later post).
What we do use a lot of we buy in bulk, like our Montreal Steak Spice and Olive Oil.
I recently bought these two little spice racks from Walmart (from this line Linked Here). They hold all of our large bottles of spices.

june 095 june 094

We have an in drawer spice rack for our smaller bottles of spices like thyme, rosemary, bay leaves spices like that. We purchased our spice rack from Loblaws but the container store has a lovely one too (Linked Here).

spice drawer june 108

Above our stove is also where we keep our Vinegars and bulk olive oil. I use a dispenser for our olive oil and keep that by the stove top, we go through olive oil like crazy so it saves us money to buy it in bulk. We also have a lot of Oils, we make our own salad dressing as we need it, have you ever read the salad dressing label? I did once and now we make our own. It’s really very easy and fresh!!!

above stovestove tray

I keep our salt and pepper on a tray beside the stove. I also keep the Olive Oil dispenser there as well as the oil and vinegar bottles. The salt hog is also useful because I like to use coarse kosher salt to season, well almost anything!

So there’s our spices, laid out and at the ready. I think I’ll head out for some sushi now, just kidding!

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