Being organized is important to both of us, while Lee is the real life organized one, i.e. being on time to meet friends, meeting deadlines at work, I am the at home organized one i.e. paper work, meal plans, closets. The two reasons I ever make it out on time are because Lee makes sure I do, and the house is organized, so when I’m running around like a mad women I can find what I need and run out of the door.

As each small part of the house was put in order I noticed I started arriving before friends, meal planning was no longer a dreaded task but an enjoyable one, I noticed my stress and anxiety levels were much lower. Truthfully I see organizing as part of a healthy lifestyle, it relieves the worry of having forgotten something, it answers the dreaded what’s for dinner question, it makes grocery shopping a breeze, and no where is organizing more important then in the Kitchen.

Under the sink is where we keep everything needed to keep the kitchen clean. We’ve recently made the switch to greener products for the kitchen, so check back later for that post. During a quick trip to Target last week I picked up this green shelf liner. Now I can’t stop opening the cupboard doors to look at the pretty paper, and yes I bought pink sponges to go with the green paper. The garbage cans are from Ikea (here’s the link) the one on the left is for recycling and the one on the right is for garbage (we try to buy products with the least amount of packaging so this garbage can is the right size for us). We store our plastic bags under the sink, although since we started bringing our reusable bags with us there are alot fewer plastic bags to store. Then there is my favorite part, our pull out shelf who knew $20 could make me so happy. The shelf is from Ikea (LINK) it’s part of their Rationell line. The shelf was very easy to install (at least that’s what Lee told me) it’s upper shelf is perfect size to store sponges and is adjustable so the bottom shelf is almost guaranteed to fit any height of bottles.

Our fridge stays organized because everything has a predefined space. Cans go on the short shelf, produce in produce drawers, fruit in the small fruit drawer, condiments on the door, etc. . .

The pantry stays organized because we move alot of our dried goods into containers from ikea (LINK) for easy storage and then label, label, label, you would be amazed at how similar corn starch and icing sugar look. I keep my potato’s and onions in bins under the pantry where it’s cool and dry.

Beside the stove is where I keep our salt and pepper grinders, my salt hog, oil and vinegar for salads on a tray for easy clean-up, I can easily throw the tray into the dishwasher, and with it being that close to the stove top it needs a good wash about once every couple weeks.

I have a specific baking zone in the kitchen, where I keep my marble pastry board, rolling pin, ingredients, measuring cups, cake decorating tools and baking sheets.  I find it easier not to run around the kitchen when I bake (Max has been stepped on while I was in a baking frenzy one time).

To store my rolling pin I found two big hooks at home depot and Lee installed them on the bottom of the cabinetry, now my rolling pin stays in sight and not rolling around in a drawer denting my cutlery and knives.
I keep the coffee maker, and toaster in the same cupboard so that in the morning everything we need for breakfast is in the same cupboard and ready to go.

Getting organized is alot of work but I know from first hand experience that it’s worth it. The best place to start is in the kitchen, anything that makes mornings easier is something worth doing!

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