On a recent trip to Seattle Lee and I stopped in at Target. It’s not unusual for us to go to target what was unusual was that we were just stopping by target, normally I make the almost 2 hour trip just to go to Target, have I mentioned I love Target. Anyways, the shopping stars must have aligned just right because on this particular trip I found two exceptionally great deals.
The first deal of the day were these two white ceramic bowls, with ceramic saucers as lids. They will be so handy this summer. I can just see making, serving and storing potato salad in these beauties. While I already own a very handy white ceramic bowl I couldn’t pass up the bowls with the lids, and for $6.00 for the large bowl and lid and $4.00 for the small bowl and lid it was worth every penny. Plus, can you ever have too many white ceramic bowls? (Lee says yes, one more would be too many)

kitchen bowl

The second deal Being an in sink dish rack. We have a dishwasher so we only needed a little dish rack for the few items we wash by hand, items like our Knives, pots and pans. I didn’t want one that took up counter space so when I found this one that drops into the sink, for $2.98 I threw it into the cart faster then I throw peanut butter M&M’s into the cart.

Dish rack

We try not to buy impulse items, meaning we try to only buy what we have planned ahead to purchase, and while the dish rack was on the list, the white bowls were not. With such a limited amount of space I have to be careful what I buy, but I absolutely LOVE these bowls, I have already gotten alot of use out of them, and they are white, therefore matching the rest of our dishes (not bad, I came up with these reasons on the spot in Target as part of my “get Lee on board with the white bowls” Campaign.)


The bowls pass the William Morris test!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

-William Morris

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