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We have one of the smallest dinning rooms I’ve seen. We have managed to squeeze in a table that easily fits 4 and has the ability to expand to fit 8 ( it conceals the leaf under to table top, very useful when you’re already short on storage space).
We’ve added a picture rail to display some select pieces but mounted it higher on the wall so that my 6’8″ husband doesn’t hit his head when sitting on the bench.
I have always loved chandeliers, I purchased this one from Home Depot the second it went on sale. It’s big, but it’s also white so it’s not obtrusive and it’s mostly glass crystals, so it light and airy.

The chairs are everyday Ikea chairs (here’s the link), but we purchased them from craigslist for half the price.
The Bench is an old church pew, also bought from craigslist for $60 you can find more information on our Church Pew Re-do HERE. The chalkboard was a $5 project Lee and I took on. You can read more about it here.
As for the accessories both pictures were purchased from Etsy. The pillow is from homesense, as is the basket under the bench and the old birdcage on the table.

The Mirror was a purchase originally for the upstairs hallway, but with 4 coats of white paint is now the perfect mirror for our dinning room (read more about our mirror project here.)
The Plates hanging on the wall were something I always wanted to do, I felt that simple white plates would distinguish the dinning room from the living room. I found the plates on sale at Homesense, all three for $7.

The Table is from ikea (here’s the link), another craigslist purchase for half the price. We found that there was too much wood with the top and the base being birch. So I will again write the most common phrase used on this blog, “I painted it white”, the base of the table that is.
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The dinning room is directly across from our “Library”.
We used Billy Bookcases from Ikea and purchased the height extensions for them, and about 90% of the books housed on them come for Value Village for an average price of $3 each. I am always amazed at how many new release books are available there (although my grandmother would be mortified I read second hand books, in bed for that matter).

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