I received a couple emails asking about where I got the Tea Towel in yesterday’s Coffee Machine post, I didn’t buy them, I made them . . .
For my birthday last year Lee picked out this AMAZING sewing machine for me. Since then I’ve been in a bit of a sewing frenzy!

For drying dishes and general kitchen cleaning I like to use bar mops . . . they’re kind of a a cross between a bath towel and tea towel.
You can grab a pack of 6 from Walmart for $7!

Tea towel1

Here’s how I made them they were super simple and took about 3 minutes each.

First I washed and dried the bar mops and all of my scrap pieces so that they don’t shrink in the wash later. Then I iron them all flat.

tea towel3

Next I determine how large the piece of fabric should be and then iron over the edges.

tea towel2

The I sew the fabric scrap to the bar mop, one line of stitches along the top, one along the bottom  and one down each side.

tea towel4

Where you position your accent fabric and how big to make your accent fabric is up to you, I like mine a couple of inches from the bottom and about 4 or 5 inches wide.

tea towel12

And there it is . . . 15 minutes later I have 5 very cute Bar Mops :)

tea towel10They were so easy to make I hope you’ll give it a try.

Total Cost:
Bar Mops         $7
Accent Fabric  $FREE
$7 .  .  .  .  that’s $1.40 a towel

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