That’s nophone!

That’s no phone its a nophone.

I found this pretty humorous the other day about a phone that’s not quite a phone… it looks like a phone but doesn’t work and its only use is to look and feel like an expensive phone (though I would dispute that). They list its special features as being battery free, shatter and waterproof. You can find out more on They also have a video on how to use the “device”.


IKEA furniture isn’t real its just 3d!

Did you know that what you are seeing in the IKEA catalog isnt real? What you are seeing 75% of the time in the IKEA Catalog is in fact 3d renders.

ikea02  PH022216Bertil-PE138396 room

The 3d renders look incredibly realistic but at the same time too realistic. I always wondered how IKEA managed to get their images so perfect and now it has been revealed they don’t! Using 3d software such as Maya to create highly accurate and detailed 3d models along with extremely detailed textures and lighting effects they have fooled us all!

IKEA apparently started doing this back in 2010 when they first published an image of a room created fully from CG! Once you know that the photographs above aren’t actually real you start to see that some of the perspective is wrong and something are a bit of amiss.

If you do not believe me then you should read this article over on Cg society.

Is photography art?

I’m sorry but I dont believe photography is art (most of the time). Art is about expressing what you see and is all about interpretation and conveying meaning whilst photography for me just records a moment and nothing more and unless you created that moment with creativity than photography aint art!

How I see it

Art is all about expressing your perceptions. One person may perceive something totally different to someone else. Simply taking a photograph of something without doing much else does not help to convey what you are seeing or put any point into why you are taking the photograph other than to record what is happening.

When photograph becomes art is when you start depicting life and meaning in your photographs and manipulate the images to convey your meaning for example through changing the lighting or what is happening in the picture.

Van Gogh used to paint pictures of the most mundane things ever yet he managed to expresses through how he painted these things his emotions. If a photographer simple took a picture of some of the things Van Gogh painted and did little else then this would not compare to what Van Gogh did.

Still-Life-with-Pears-van-goghVan Gogh didn’t paint pictures for the wow factor (like so many photographers try to do with their pictures) or fame and money but painted because he wanted to and used it as a medium of expression.

What do you think?




New design yet again!

I have been changing around the design like nobody’s business these last couple day but finally… I have done it and I am proud and happy with my blog design. I went for a simple design as I tried before to be over complicated but the design just looked messy. Added a new mascot/logo birdie using a tablet pen (If you haven’t used a tablet before you should! It really makes Photoshop a whole lot more fun and totally beats the mouse.. I dont actually think I can even draw a straight line using a mouse).

Anyway hope you guys like this one!

Oh yeah I will just add to this post that some people really need to get a life. I have been getting a lot of abuse in my comments from pathetic individuals who have nothing better to do then troll my blog.  Some people commenting on this blog are disgusting! One troll called me out as either being a dumb youngster or having a mental illness then going on to threaten me which kind of goes to show how pathetic these trolls are.

Just because something looks nice doesnt mean it isnt bland

Today Sue (a friend of mine who I forced to join the forums) posted on the D.I.Y forum “Maybe I should just scribble all over my walls” and raised a very good point about interior design and D.I.Y which was basically on the lines of saying making something pretty doesn’t mean your making something creative. I TOTALLY AGREE!

Interior design needs to show personality (hopefully yours) and I guess if you have a bland personality you can go around copying other peoples designs and pretty features but at the end of the day there nothing behind it, even though maybe equally bland people may like the prettiness of it all it wont be unique and will always be superficial.



Revamping some mundane shelves

In this little post I will be showing you how you can revamp even the most mundane of shelving units. The thing I really like about revamping shelves is that you dont need to be an expert only handy with a paint brush and in the case good at wallpapering and that’s it!



You can make even the most gross shelves the best ever just by sticking a bit of wallpaper on them and giving them a nice new lick of paint! what-you-are-going-to-needalmost-done after-shelves

Wallpaper it just makes everything look better ;)




-Depending on how DIY savvy you are this little project should only take you about 3-4 hours

-Total cost of materials was including the old shelf $75.

You are going to need:

Scissors (unless you are going to use your teeth though bite marks all over the wallpaper may look odd lol)
Wallpaper roller (to smooth out any lumps and bumps in the wall paper)
White Matt paint
Paint brushes

I think that is everything…

What to do!

It is best take out the shelves and individually paint and stick your wall paper design on them!

Firstly what you need to do is get sanding. It is important not to over do it or you will end up with a very uneven looking book shelf (unless you want that).
With mine I made sure that I got a nice smooth finish. I then painted the frame with Matt white paint and the rest of the shelf with dark Matt black with 6 coats of paint just to be on the safe side.
The to get a nice gloss you have to then use applied gloss to the painted areas after it dried. Only a thing layer of gloss mind you!

You can also use acrylic paint as well, using acrylic paint may actually be better as you dont have to use gloss after wards.

After that  I wallpapered (I think that is a word) the back of the shelves using a roller to even out the lumps and bumps. I then did the same to each one of the individual shelfs.

To be honest there not much else to say its very easy to do and anyone can do it.

If you have got any questions please ask below. thanks.

(I have just quickly rattled out this post.. very tired after making this little project and I need some rest. I will update this post later on with better instructions).

No more annoying ads for me!

Here is something clever that I have just found out that you can do… block ads on youtube (though maybe I am a bit behind the times and you guys already know about this). I know.. I know this isnt really DIY but I just had to share it with you guys. If you are using firefox or chrome just install an adblocker extension and say good bye to those frustrating and loooooooong ads on youtube. Plus adblockers also get rid of just about all annoying ads from popups to silly sidebar ads.

-The most popular adblocker is adblocker plus (wow I bet that took something to think of that name) however I found that one slowed down my computer and apparently google has been paying the inventors of adblocker plus millions not to block some of there ads. I would instead go for a plugin called Adblock edge instead :)


Just added a forum section! Get involved

Hi guys.

I have decided to add a forum section to maillardvillemanor to help everyone share tips on DIY, foodie stuff as well as chit chat about anything you can think of! There is also a blog section letting you share/talk about your blog and talk to other bloggers letting you build relationships with them which is really important in blogging!

You can sign up here.

If you do sign up your account will need to be approved first (this is to stop spam robots signing up and spamming the forum).

If you have any suggestion on making the forum better then please give me a hoot. I hope to see you all there very soon.


Update: Just fixed a problem with posts being blocked by default.


Homemade ovencooked crisps!

Yours should look like this when done.

In my household we are living on a budget, meaning we have to live on budget foods like supermarket branded crisps… which aren’t very tasty or healthy at all. To be honest they taste like cardboard. The crisps also look pretty gross too either being transparent in color because they have been fried so much, or in a packet you often find all sorts of really weird mutant crisps in different colored crisps like the charred black ones, the fungus whites, the moldy green ones or not forgetting the bogey yellow colored ones usually found at the bottom.

So I have decided to scrap the cheap crisps and make my own. So a couple days ago I got cooking and ended up making some rather yummy crisps. So I thought I would just quickly share with you guys what I did, its not really rocket science! Honestly making your own crisps is easier, cheaper and you can make them much healthier than the moldy ones you buy at the shops.


Seasoning of your choice (you can really experiment here)

A couple potatoes.. SWEET POTATOES ARE THE BEST! (1 potato gets gets you plenty of crisps)

1tablespoon of vegetable oil

How to

Slice your potato(s) into paper thin slices, use your own judgement as to how chunky you want your crisps! If you use a peeler to slice your potatoes I find are to flimsy and I find it is best to use a knife to cut them.

Then place your potatoes slices into a sandwich bag and then pour in your vegetable oil you then have to shake it which should coat the potato slices!

Once coated you should make to shake off any excess oil on the slices and lightly coat a oven pan with vegetable oil (this is to stop the crisps from sticking to the pan).

Next put your coated potato slices onto the pan making sure that there are spaces in between each potato slice and season. When seasoning it is always good to sprinkle the seasoning on from height helping you to better cover all the slices more evenly.

Place the pan into a preheated oven at around 250 degrees you should bake them for 2 hours flipping them over half way through. This is the best way to get the crispiest chips possible and stop them from getting soggy.

Resting the crisps for around 10 minutes after baking is a good idea.



New design! again!

After taking on board some of the comments I was getting about the new webdesign, I have decided to start again with a totally new one. With the last one I think I was trying to copy pintrest too much! Well guys and gals please tell me what you think again in the comments below… if needs be I will change it again :)

PS, creating a logo is on my to do list.