How to shut up comment spam!

Peace at last! If you run a wordpress site like mine you will be constantly bombarded with thousands of spam comments one after the other…pushing real comments out of the window. Here I will list a number of ways you can get rid of all that spam. Akismet Akismet is a good plugin to start using.. its free (for basic use) The plugin works by using data it has gathered from  analyzing millions of sites and using that data akismet prevents known spammers from posting on to your site. Pros Doesn’t annoy your readers as much as other ways! Blocks […]

That’s nophone!

That’s no phone its a nophone. I found this pretty humorous the other day about a phone that’s not quite a phone… it looks like a phone but doesn’t work and its only use is to look and feel like an expensive phone (though I would dispute that). They list its special features as being battery free, shatter and waterproof. You can find out more on They also have a video on how to use the “device”.

IKEA furniture isn’t real its just 3d!

Did you know that what you are seeing in the IKEA catalog isnt real? What you are seeing 75% of the time in the IKEA Catalog is in fact 3d renders.   The 3d renders look incredibly realistic but at the same time too realistic. I always wondered how IKEA managed to get their images so perfect and now it has been revealed they don’t! Using 3d software such as Maya to create highly accurate and detailed 3d models along with extremely detailed textures and lighting effects they have fooled us all! IKEA apparently started doing this back in 2010 […]

Is photography art?

Is photography really art? In today’s apathetic social media age where anyone can quickly take and share a superficial selfie or a picture of hot dog legs you might find your self questioning whether photography really is art at all or whether it is just who ever has the more expensive piece of equipment wins? I believe anything can be art if you have created something because you have been inspired in some way to create it because you want to express what is going on inside your mind… but simply taking a nice photo for the sake of it […]

New design yet again!

I have been changing around the design like nobody’s business these last couple day but finally… I have done it and I am proud and happy with my blog design. I went for a simple design as I tried before to be over complicated but the design just looked messy. Added a new mascot/logo birdie using a tablet pen (If you haven’t used a tablet before you should! It really makes Photoshop a whole lot more fun and totally beats the mouse.. I dont actually think I can even draw a straight line using a mouse). Anyway hope you guys […]

Just because something looks nice doesnt mean it isnt bland

Today Sue (a friend of mine who I forced to join the forums) posted on the D.I.Y forum “Maybe I should just scribble all over my walls” and raised a very good point about interior design and D.I.Y which was basically on the lines of saying making something pretty doesn’t mean your making something creative. I TOTALLY AGREE! Interior design needs to show personality (hopefully yours) and I guess if you have a bland personality you can go around copying other peoples designs and pretty features but at the end of the day there nothing behind it, even though maybe […]

Revamping some mundane shelves

In this little post I will be showing you how you can revamp even the most mundane of shelving units. The thing I really like about revamping shelves is that you dont need to be an expert only handy with a paint brush and in the case good at wallpapering and that’s it!   You can make even the most gross shelves the best ever just by sticking a bit of wallpaper on them and giving them a nice new lick of paint! Wallpaper it just makes everything look better 😉     -Depending on how DIY savvy you are […]

No more annoying ads for me!

Here is something clever that I have just found out that you can do… block ads on youtube (though maybe I am a bit behind the times and you guys already know about this). I know.. I know this isnt really DIY but I just had to share it with you guys. If you are using firefox or chrome just install an adblocker extension and say good bye to those frustrating and loooooooong ads on youtube. Plus adblockers also get rid of just about all annoying ads from popups to silly sidebar ads. -The most popular adblocker is adblocker plus […]

Just added a forum section! Get involved

Hi guys. I have decided to add a forum section to maillardvillemanor to help everyone share tips on DIY, foodie stuff as well as chit chat about anything you can think of! There is also a blog section letting you share/talk about your blog and talk to other bloggers letting you build relationships with them which is really important in blogging! You can sign up here. If you do sign up your account will need to be approved first (this is to stop spam robots signing up and spamming the forum). If you have any suggestion on making the forum […]

Homemade ovencooked crisps!

In my household we are living on a budget, meaning we have to live on budget foods like supermarket branded crisps… which aren’t very tasty or healthy at all. To be honest they taste like cardboard. The crisps also look pretty gross too either being transparent in color because they have been fried so much, or in a packet you often find all sorts of really weird mutant crisps in different colored crisps like the charred black ones, the fungus whites, the moldy green ones or not forgetting the bogey yellow colored ones usually found at the bottom. So I […]