Letter cushions! Inspiration

Letter cushions/pillows what ever you want to call them can really put some attitude into your room! If you get it right you can brighten up your room and put some of your creativity into your room. You can put these

Webdesign, never happy!

Im never ever happy when it comes to webdesign! I am always constantly (overly) tweaking bits here, there and everywhere… spending hours sometimes on the smallest details (you wouldn’t really think that by looking at it) and at the end

Sick and tired of my sore feet

I have been searching around.. just about forever on the web lately to find some good orthotic insoles for my plantar fasciitis. To be honest my version of plantar fasciitis probably isn’t plantar fasciitis and just a mild case of

How to make rose water! It is so easy!

Rose water smells lovely and can really do your skin a lot of good as it is packed full of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that can be really beneficial for your skin helping  to balance oily skin and rejuvenate your

Really cool insoles to make you taller

Found something whilst shopping around recently on the internet. What I found are sly, clever and may really help me out. Height increasing insoles! I hardly ever wear high heels because they tend to really hurt my feet I have

Rightmove displays price you bought your house for! DOH!

(I dont know if this is old news.. but it is new news to me! as I have just put my house up for sale and its now listed on right move.) So Rightmove for the benefit of its users

Preventing and getting rid of plantar fasciitis

I thought seeing as I have just all about recovered from my plantar fasciitis now that I might help out those of you have it too by telling you what I now know about this painful foot thing and how

Went shopping, got plantar fasciitis

I went on a shopping trip recently (well if I am going to be honest with my blog readers, it was more window shopping I dont have the cash at the moment to go shopping). I wore my best high

House up for sale any takers?

A new house always comes with new experiences and a chance for me to get doing some proper creative DIY! So that is why Iv got my house up for sale currently. You maybe thinking “again!?” and that I am

A few words of wisdom for bloggers

Im back! You may have noticed that MaillardvilleManor hasn’t been up and running in a long time and you can thank my old hosts for that! I have since moved from my last appalling hosts and now im on GOOODADDY…